• NETVault

  • Document Archiving

NETVault allows customers to compress and store digitally signed PDF documents on online disk environment efficiently, securely and reliably. In addition to PDF & its variants (/A, /UA, /VT, /X and /E), Print Stream (AFP, Postscript) and XML based documents are supported – with additional formats easily supported with its extensible architecture. Its bifurcated architecture for metadata management and compressed content storage provides unparalleled performance and compression efficiency for all formats.

  • Extremely High Compression
  • Up to 98% (50:1) PDF/A (2 Million PDF/A in 10 GB) With such compression ratios storage needs are no longer an issue with NETVault. 7 different dynamically applied lossless compression algorithms providing bit-for-bit reconstruction

  • High Performance Document Ingestion
  • 2 million pages ingested per hour on a minimal hardware configuration Parallel retrieval with no performance degradation Immediate availability during bulk or single document ingestion
  • Present Documents In Less Than 1 Second
  • Sub-second concurrent retrieval Meet internal SLAs Search across multiple archives and complex indexes Multi-format document presentment by rendering in original form or transformed to PDF or image formats Downloadable for local processing Bulk retrieval

  • Federated Retrieval
  • Coexist with existing archival solutions Single point of retrieval for all archived documents Policy managed/driven

  • Video
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  • Multiple Virtual
  • 2
  • Single Document
  • 3
  • Web Service
    Level Integration
  • 4
  • Robust & Scalable
  • 5
  • Flexible
    Extensible Open
  • 6
  • Cloud

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  • Flexible Indexing
  • 8
  • High Level
  • 9
  • Digital Signature
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  • Disaster Recovery
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  • Easy & Fast
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  • 1. Video Compression
  • Video can be compressed to better than MP4 with no degradation in quality (lossless) for specialist applications

  • 2. Multiple Virtual Archives
  • Multiple logical archives, each with their own indexes/characteristics – no limit Documents of differing formats can be stored in each archive Multi-­‐ level hierarchical archive(s) management

  • 3. Single Document Load
  • The Accumulator Documents can be added one at a time from interactive ‘ad-­‐hoc’ processes. It provides immediate access on the accumulator load while it collects a storage unit’s worth of single documents to compress

  • 4. Web Service Level Integration
  • SOA architecture allows a full integration with in-­‐house applications In addition to Web Services, an API set and COM object support practically any application can use NETVault A multi-­‐layered technology stack provides access from raw compression to a fully managed secure archive

  • 5. Robust & Scalable Architecture
  • NETVault Archival and Presentment layers can be scaled up across multiple servers in support of millions of online users Parallel retrieval with no performance degradation Immediate availability during bulk or single document ingestion

  • 6. Flexible, Extensible and Open
  • ‘Snap fit’ modularity for ingestion, special indexing, compression and rendering Inline coding at ingestion time for customized metadata processing
  • 7. Cloud Storage
  • Compressed archive files can be located in the Cloud Configurable Cloud connector SaaS Ready/ deployable

  • 8. Flexible Indexing Architecture
  • Cross Index and index-­‐to-­‐index searches are available between the logical archives allowing versatile searches As many user defined indexes as required Additional indexes can be added during the life of an archive

  • 9. High Level Security
  • NETVault implements years of finance and telecommunication expertise into the data security Role-­‐based user/group management system allows LDAP & X509 integration with internal security systems and complying with international security standards

  • 10. Digital Signature and Timestamp Integration
  • PDF/A and PDFs and print stream based rendered documents can be digitally signed and time stamped on the fly in NETVault’s Retrieve and Render components

  • 11. Disaster Recovery
  • Business continuity provided RPO and RTO targets satisfied

  • 12. Easy and Fast Implementation
  • NETVault Archiving system can be installed, fully configured and running in under 2 days On-­‐going management provided by a comprehensive browser-­based Management Dashboard