• NETCompact

  • Document Compression

In the ECM space content compression is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ to address the ever increasing requirements to store business communications. NETCompact is our lossless content compression engine that allows the enterprise to dramatically cut its storage requirements to the point that storage needs are no longer an issue. Due to its ability to reduce document sizes by a compression ratio of up to 50 to 1 and a zero-impact deployment model an immediate tangible ROI can be realized.

  • 1. Compression Ratio
  • Up to 98% (50:1) – 2 million single page documents in 10GB Uses a unique 3 stage process comprising pattern recognitions and statistical redundancy and entropy compression techniques Best-of-class lossless compression methods intelligently and dynamically applied to the each of the supported content types 6 proven specialized industry standard algorithms are applied in addition to our own proprietary algorithm

  • 2. Compression Performance
  • Compression speeds of less than 1 CPU ms/page on the reference configuration IO bound process, compression algorithms are very resource efficient Single threaded configured process typical uses ~25% of CPU on the reference configuration

  • 3. Decompression
  • Bit-for-bit reconstruction of original document. Digital signatures are maintained through the compression/decompression round-trip processes

  • 4. Decompression Performance
  • Documents typically decompressed in less than 1 CPU ms/page on the reference configuration Separate service ensures decompression performance is maintained with concurrent compression

  • 5. Content Types
  • All PDF flavours (including PDF/A and digitally signed versions), AFP, PS, XML based formats and line data

  • 6. API Support
  • Web Services                                                                 

  • 7. Architecture
  • Intercept model where the existing API access to the ECM system is intercepted, emulated and compression/decompression applied inline Lower 3 levels of the NETVault Technology Stack Stream (for inline decompression as part of the retrieval process) and file interfaces (in support of batch bulk load) Pass-through for all methods where compression/decompression is not relevant

  • Platform
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Pack 1 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

  • Scalability
  • The NETCompact Engine can be scaled both horizontally (decompression service on multiple servers) and vertically (multi-threaded for simultaneous compression of multiple input streams) to support billions of ingested documents and millions of online users concurently Key shared resources accessed through atomic processes in the support of multi-threaded bulk input loading

  • Recilience
  • All PDF flavours (including PDF/A and digitally signed versions), AFP, PS, XML based formats and line data The horizontal scaling of the critical retrieval process provides a further level of resilience

  • 8. Flexible, Extensible and Open
  • ‘Snap fit’ modularity for compression/ decompression algorithms and transformations

  • 9. Limits
  • NETCompact limits (eg input file size for bulk load or maximum document size) are dictated only by those theoretical and practical limitations of the platform (both the OS and the ECM system) Compression speeds are essentially linear, reducing over time as common patterns are

  • 10. Easy and Fast Implementation
  • NETCompact Compression Engine can be installed, fully configured and running in under 2 days

  • 11. Zero-impact Intercept Deployment Model
  • No coding changes to customer code or the ECM system Transparent to all programs accessing the ECM’s Web Service APIs

  • 12. Persistent Storage Requirements
  • Pattern Library License certificate

  • 13. Disaster Recovery
  • Dramatically reduced backup and restore volumes help achieve RPO and RTO targets

  • 14. Transformations
  • A Transformation ‘socket’ to support the inline transformation of decompressed content into alternative renderable formats

  • 15. Reference Configuration
  • Environment comprising:
    ○ CPU: Intel Core i7-3720QM @ 2.60GHz
    ○ RAM:  24GB RAM
    ○ Hard disk: Micron 256GB SSD Disk
    ○ Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 4.0