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Everything we do at DPTech, we do it with Rule 18 in mind. That means that at DPTech we have developed software products that either deliver tangible ROI within 18 months to our customers around the world or we do not engage. This is our mission! We achieve it by focusing on existing document processes within the ECM/CCM space and improve them with a Zero Impact approach. For Digital Planet enterprise content means static unstructured documents, comprising large volumes, all the business communications that take place between the Enterprise and their customers/consumers and that need to be managed and retained efficiently and cost effectively. We focus one Tier 1 banking, insurance and telco organisations.

For us to keep the business growing we will not need to be successful, our customers will!

Digital Planet, headquartered in the UK, operates globally through a specialised partner network. With a Turkish university-based R&D lab comprising a young and energetic team our aim is to be disruptive and innovative with outside-the-box products and solutions. The global team comprises some 100 personnel with a senior management’s background spanning decades in the ECM/CCM spaces in the finance, telco and utility markets.